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Menorca, the ultimate foodie destination for 2022

Most British tourists go to Menorca for its reliable sunshine and unspoilt coastline. But as European Region of Gastronomy 2022, the island is bringing food sustainability to the fore – and it tastes really, really good

Spain is the most popular holiday destination for Brits, and the Balearic archipelago is our favourite destination after Barcelona. In 2019, the Balearics welcomed 13.6 million tourists, the biggest group being from Britain. And despite an obvious decline in tourism over the past two years, the islands are ramping up for a booming summer season this year.

Balmy Menorca is the northernmost Balearic Island, and at a quarter of the size of Majorca – and with a 10th of its population – it’s long been a go-to spot for a sleepy beach break. But this year, the island is promoting a different kind of tourism. It’s celebrating its status as European Region of Gastronomy for 2022 with a busy events programme and new initiatives that encourage tourists to explore beyond the unspoilt coastline, and discover Menorca’s tastiest enclaves inland.

The island certainly looks the part. With just two cities in its north-eastern and north-western corners – capital Mahón and cobbled Ciutadella – Menorca’s interior is mostly made up of rural farmland, where foodie pilgrims are rewarded with artisan cheese, spiced sobrasada sausage and earthy wines. One main road connects the island from east to west, with offshoots leading to every farmhouse, vineyard and tiny restaurant in between…

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