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“Parisian chic hasn’t gone away. It’s online”: Jeanne Damas Q&A

Meet Jeanne Damas, who is giving Parisian chic a very current makeover

Picture that Parisian je ne sais quoi. The eponymous Breton stripes , tousled brunette ’do and shock of red lipstick… or, simply tap onto Jeanne Damas’ Instagram feed (@jeannedamas) and feast your eyes on the epitome of the latest French street style. Just be prepared to despair of everything in your wardrobe in the process.

Paris’s ‘It’ girl, dubbed by some as the city’s Alexa Chung, started out as a fashion blogger, and has since found fame as a model (she’s fast become a Vogue staple) and actress (check out her promo video for fashion brand &Other Stories). Last year, Damas, 24, launched her own online fashion label,, so we can all get our hands on her trademark elegant pieces. Subtle and wearable , chic but affordable, and feminine yet practical, Damas’s designs nail that Parisian look that somehow manages to be both maddeningly simple and incredibly elusive. Until now, perhaps.

And with one of the city’s most influential voices right now at the Rouje helm, you’d be mad to miss out…

“Paris’s biggest fashion trend this year is the colour pink. I’m crazy about it and, depending on the shape and material, it doesn’t have to look too girly.”

“A vintage basket is the must-have accessory for Spring/Summer 17. It’s so typically Parisian and perfect for going grocery shopping in your neighbourhood.” 

“I love creating my own style from vintage pieces. My favourite place to shop in Paris is La Mode. It’s a treasure trove of old Yves Saint Laurent and Courrèges pieces. Or, for beautiful furniture and interior decoration, I love Merci. ” 

“For me, Parisian beauty will always mean red lipstick – it’s timeless. My advice would be to discover what shade suits you. Once you’ve found it, you should never give up on it.”

“The place to be during Paris fashion week is La Belle Époque (36 Rue des Petits Champs, 75002). It’s the perfect restaurant to meet people. Everyone knows each other, so it feels like home.”

“I think it’s good to mix street style with ‘high fashion’ brands. These days you can pair a dress or a chi c suit with casual sneakers. French style right now is all about being trendy but always comfortable and effortless.” 

“When I’m looking for creative inspiration in Paris, I find a sunny café terrace and people watch. I love observing how they dress, how they interact with each other. That’s inspirational to me.” 

“I decided to sell my collection online only, for the benefit of my followers . My image was born through the internet after all, which is something I am grateful for. And for me, a good website is the best shop window you can ever have.”

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