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World’s most vegan-friendly cities

Veganuary is coming to an end after hitting a record-breaking 500,000 sign-ups.

To the delight of herbivores worldwide, it’s never been easier to live a life free of animal products – and even better, it’s getting simpler to travel while sticking to a plant-based diet.

Sadly, the COVID-19 pandemic saw the closure of vegan restaurants in some destinations as visitor numbers plummeted. But the global number of vegan restaurants still managed to climb in 2020, showing that the world’s appetite for eco-conscious, cruelty-free cuisine is only growing. Here are some of the world’s best cities for getting a meat-free food fix.


The UK capital is a paradise for anyone seeking plant-based sustenance. For the past three years, vegan website HappyCow has voted London the top city in the world for vegans, counting 152 vegan eateries citywide. With dedicated vegan street food markets, the revered fried ‘chicken’ shop Temple of Seitan and great plant-based options a given in even the meatiest of joints (good work, Honest Burger), London’s a city that vegans never want to leave. It’s even home to Europe’s first vegan cheese shop – La Fauxmagerie – where you can pick up an impossibly creamy ‘Shamembert’.


The German capital’s food scene reflects its culture at large: creative, cheap, open-minded and international. Pair that with an environmentally aware government and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a vegan-friendly destination: which Berlin is, with some 62 vegan restaurants and many more vegetarian offerings, too. If you only have time to eat one thing (and we pray you don’t), make it a döner kebab at Vöner der Vegetarische Döner. Slices of seitan are cut from a rotating spit and served with all the trimmings at this kebab house with a vegan twist, in alternative Friedrichshain – Berlin’s answer to Shoreditch…

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